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Photo from Pierre Gilliard album

Persons on the photo: GrDss Olga Nikolaevna, GrDss Tatiana Nikolaevna, GrDss Maria Nikolaevna, GrDss Anastasia Nikolaevna
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The picture was taken not earlier than: 1914
The picture was taken not later than: 1917
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Album: Pierre Gilliard album
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The original photo is held in the Russian State Archive (GARF) in Moscow. However they are not interested in digitizing the photos for posterity, unlike the Beinecke Library. If you want a high resolution copy of the photo, GARF will charge you alot of money for it.

На скриншоте альбом из фонда Анастасии (683.1.125)

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Царское Село, после ареста работа на своём огороде в парке.