Copyright policy

This site contains a catalog of historical photographs related to the family of Emperor Nicholas II. We publish this catalog in order to create a comprehensive list of all the pictures related to the family of Emperor Nicholas II, scattered in various archives, albums, books and Internet sites. We also collect information about each picture in order to provide its description.

We do not receive any direct or indirect commercial profit from the publication of this catalog.

Our goal is to provide a convenient way to search for and access the highest quality of these photos without violating copyright rules. We hope that this directory will be considered as fair use of these images.

Whenever possible, we provide an active link to the archive that holds the paper original of this photo, and refer users to the site of the original, so that they can download the high resolution image from it's original source. In cases where the original site is known, we keep only the smaller version of an image or a fragment thereof.

However, some unique images are found on private sites, and the reference to their origin is lost. In such cases, we have to keep on our site the copy of the image that has been available online for free. In all such cases, we actively seek the owner of the photo and provide the link immediately as soon as this information becomes available. We will also erase the local copy of the original image.

If you find on our website the high-resolution image that violates the copyright law, we kindly ask you to inform us about this violation, and we will immediately remove the offending image. Thank you!