About this site

This site contains a catalog of historical photographs related to the family of Emperor Nicholas II. We publish this catalog in order to create a comprehensive list of all the pictures related to the family of Emperor Nicholas II, scattered in various archives, albums, books and Internet sites. We also collect information about each picture in order to provide its description.

Our goal is to provide a convenient way to search for and access the highest quality of these photos and their descriptions. We can achieve this goal only with your help. We kindly ask you to contribute to this catalog. You can send us the missing photos, the photos of better quality, the details and descriptions of the images, the error reports etc. Every image has comments attached. You can also contact us via e-mail samoderzhavnaya@mail.ru. Thank you!


19.06.2015   Alexandra
Hi! Thanks for creating this site.
I love royal families, and this site was very useful for my investigations.
Keep it Up!

Greetings from Guatemala.